Fashion styling essentials.

Hello Lovelies, Wanted to share some tips for styling students. The essential necessary before joining or start working as fashion stylist inters. Now, that you've decided to work as fashion stylist. Things you need to be aware of before work. You cannot just apply for internship not knowing about the necessity of styling essentials. You… Continue reading Fashion styling essentials.


Fashion styling as careers

Hello Lovelies, It's good to be back. Lots have happened during my break from blogging. Well, that's that, I wanted to blog about fashion styling career no one talks about or how to start on your own. Do's and don'ts. What are the important things to remember before joining or taking course about styling. Let's… Continue reading Fashion styling as careers

Coconut milk and Curly hair…

Coconut milk hair remedies Hi lovelies, How are you guys doing? Hope you guys had good start of new year. Happy New Year my lovelies. 😊😘 During lockdown I tried taking good care of my hair. I wanted to share this amazing method for coarse, dry and lifeless hair with all of you. You guys… Continue reading Coconut milk and Curly hair…

Online Bra Shopping

 What is the best way to buy bra and how to know if it's fit for you? Shopping online is always a hassle for me. Confusion and stress about ordering the best product? Shopping in store and online has pros and cons, while shopping in store for bras you can feel the fabric and try… Continue reading Online Bra Shopping

Minimalist Style

Here with my favorite style. Keeping it simple with slightest of clothing. to point out off your style, you don’t got to jam your closet. The clean and straightforward look with an honest start. You can start with colors like black and white, gray. I’ve crammed up with black and grey outfits in my closet. The classic minimalist way, is within the grey , white, black area,… Continue reading Minimalist Style

Street Style

Street fashion is fashion that's considered to possess emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots streetwear. Street fashion is usually related to subculture , and is most frequently seen in major urban centers. How to have street style look? Must have.... HoodiesCropped cardigansCasual trenchPuff SleveesColor BlockingBe your selfStick to single logoOver sized t-shirts, shirts,bomber… Continue reading Street Style


Wanna go for a date or brunch with your friends and wanna a look pretty?Romantic fashion style is about softness, femininity, hint of vintage-inspired pieces, with classic hues. Classic vintage tough like dusky pink, soft pink, and light hues. While dress like lace dresses, skirts, tops. It's more about embracing ruffles, tulle, and lace. Your… Continue reading Romantism

Chic style

Chic Style is known for monochromatic with sleek clean lines. The power and has an innate sense of fashion. The LBD dress is always staple.Chic style is smart, elegant and sophisticated dressing manner. Chic is about your whole being as a person.Chic attire basically requires that you simply simply mix a dressy element, like tailored slacks or a… Continue reading Chic style

Wanderer Style

Hello Peaches,I am back with my blog, as mentioned on my previous blog about fashion styling and types of styling. In this blog I will talk about Boho Chic Style. Bohemian mean wanderer and in India we call them as Banjaran. This is because they keep travelling from one place to another. Banjaran or  wanderer… Continue reading Wanderer Style