Chic style

Chic Style is known for monochromatic with sleek clean lines. The power and has an innate sense of fashion.

The LBD dress is always staple.
Chic style is smart, elegant and sophisticated dressing manner. Chic is about your whole being as a person.
Chic attire basically requires that you simply simply mix a dressy element, like tailored slacks or a very feminine blouse, with something completely informal kind of a leather jacket or coat or a pair of jeans.

As the Chic Style, you select clothing in black, white, and neutrals saving color for a bold statement accessory like an purse or a bright red lipstick. Go easy on hair styling and makeup. Always pay attention to details and be your self. Gets adventurous. 🥰


Wanderer Style

Hello Peaches,

I am back with my blog, as mentioned on my previous blog about fashion styling and types of styling. In this blog I will talk about Boho Chic Style.

Bohemian mean wanderer and in India we call them as Banjaran. This is because they keep travelling from one place to another. Banjaran or  wanderer have unique style. Their garments are colorful, flowy, layered with jewelry and with lots of elements.

Banjaran style with colors and layers necklaces

Now to start with Boho chic style.

Boho-chic style features with lots of mixed colors, patterns and layers. To start your Bohemian look, pick a flowy dress, which is not to formal or form-fitting. You can accessorize your looks with silver neck piece, earrings and rings on your fingers. Style your hair with loose bun, if you have long hair and if short then braid on both the side and leave it open, you can use minimal makeup. You can always add some layered necklaces, tassels, and beads, and pick up a boho handbag to finish the look. You can style your look from there.

Loose hair look.
Hair tied in loose bun and tied scarf
Layers of bangles

Mix your favorite colors with ones you wouldn’t ordinarily choose. Bohemian chic is the style of the adventurous, so take your chances and go for those bold shades you might be hesitant to wear. Make your statement with your accessories and boho dresses. Find something that is fun and yet simple side of you.  And you are ready for adventure and wander into your world.

Black boho look

You can always pair it flared denims, loose tops or printed shirts and heels or suede ankle boots to match with the look. Boho style is always about layers whether it is with jewelry or garments. You can find inspiration from your favorite stylist.

The must have boho dress, maxi dress or midi skirt, netural color suede ankle boots or faux leather sandals, Chic headwraps or hair bands, cardigans or oversize sweaters, crops tops or tank tops, lacey or printed loose tops and funky bohemian jewelry, bell bottom or flared jeans, lacey or crochet vest, and sunglasses which compliments with the look.

Printed skirt, tops and fringe sling bags
Flared jeans with tops, kaftans.

That’s for today and on my next blog will be talking about Chic Style.

Plus size boho chic look

Please share your thoughts and comments. What more you like to know about or I should improve on.

To lovely peaches,

Stay safe and take care. See you guys next blog.😘😘😘😘

Introvert’s Fashion

Being an introvert, it is difficult to put myself out there when I don’t want any attention at all. I would prefer to stay at home and be alone. Because that’s just me.

When you love to dress up or style yourself, it helps you to get out of your comfort zone and show the world who you are as a person. It doesn’t mean you have to wear bold outfits or do sexy poses, it just means wearing those pieces shows who you’re as a person in a subtle way. When you are in your truest self, it makes you feel good and looks attractive.

It is comfortable to just stay at home and never go out, but we have need to interact with people around us. We need people in our lives to like , support and guide us.
Fashion and style can take you places and self boosting my confidence

You will find different types of styling.
Fashion Styling types :
.Boho style
.Chic fashion style
.Romantic Style
.Street style
.Minimalist style
.Hip Hop style
.Business casual wear
Well, there are many more to mention but I will take the basic and easy to wear style on my next blog with Boho style. With a little intro about Boho style and ways to style.

That’s it for today. Meet you guys on my next blog. Take care and stay safe. 😘🙂