Fashion styling as careers

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It’s good to be back. Lots have happened during my break from blogging. Well, that’s that, I wanted to blog about fashion styling career no one talks about or how to start on your own. Do’s and don’ts. What are the important things to remember before joining or taking course about styling.

Let’s get started.

When you’ve decided that you want to be fashion stylist. Now, there are list of styling career in fashion.

1. Editorial Fashion Stylist.
Is in charge of the look for the model before the photoshoot and use the picture for magazines,digital ads or album covers.

Editorial Fashion stylist

2. Commercial Stylist
Is usually commissioned by brands to help them sell a product as part of their marketing.

3. Runway stylist.
Stylists are tasked with understanding both the essence of a collection and a brand’s identity and translating dozens of clothing items into a cohesive vision.

Fashion Runway stylist work

4. Celebrity Stylist.
A celebrity stylist chooses a famous person’s wardrobe and advises them on clothing items, accessories and shoes to wear to an event.

Wardrobe stylist
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5. Product Stylist.
A product stylist is a person who styles and creates an image or video of a product / brand / range which will eventually be used across various marketing platforms: from print ads to social media, websites and press releases.

6. Personal Stylist
Advises individuals on new fashion trends, clothing styles, personal styles, colours and make-up.

7. E-Commerce Stylist.
Preparing the product prior to model shoots, steaming garments and organising the styling area with accessories and shoes. Ordering in products for shoots and chasing stock orders and sample deliveries ahead of shoot dates.

E-commerce stylist

8. Retail Stylist/Fashion Consultants
known as stylists or image consultants, fashion consultants help clients to develop and enhance their professional and/or personal image.

Retail /Fashion consultants
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9. Image Consultants
They work with clients to assess and align their current personal or professional image with desired goals. They may work to improve their clients’ physical appearance, communication skills, and interpersonal skills as part of a holistic public relations strategy.

Personal stylists /Image Consultants
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